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Needlefelting Magic is a book dealing specifically with how to make needlefelted teddybears.

This book was written by me, Barbara Allen, and is designed to teach you both the basic and advanced techniques of needlefelting as it pertains to teddybears. It's 56 pages (A5 size) contain over 80 color photographs and 8 line drawings, showing the progress of the basic needlefelted bear, as well as illustrating advanced techniques that you can use as you get more confident. There are also special tips that will help you enormously as you progress.

"Needlefelting Magic" will take you from the basic equipment needed, to making your first needlefelted bear, and then progressing on to show you the more advanced techniques that I use to make each of my bears a unique individual filled with special character. You will meet many of my needlefelted bears inside this book, as they have posed to illustrate each technique.

You will find as you work through the book, that the detailed instructions and matching photographs clearly explain everything you need to know, so that you will have a very good understanding of the techniques needed to produce outstanding needlefelted teddybears of your own.

Needlefelting is such a versatile medium for creating teddybears; with the help of "Needlefelting Magic" you will find there is an unlimited range of design possibilities for facial expressions, as well as body shapes and different poses which are very difficult to achieve using normal bearmaking methods.

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Customer Reviews

Hello, Barbara. I would just like to tell you how excellent that I found your book Needlefelting Magic to be. Your illustrations and instructions are very clear and easy to understand. It is not easy to find information specifically about Needlefelting miniature bears and other animals.

-- - Deborah Davis
- United States

I would like to thank you for your wonderful book. At the doll and bear show at the ASB stadium I had a go at your needlefelting and bought a kit. I have had wonderful fun and I was surprised at how easy your book was to follow and how my bears have turned out to look so cute (i.e. so long as I didn't forget an instruction) Thank you for putting the time into the book and I can only imagine the many hours it has taken and testing that nothing was forgotten. It was worth it for me. I am on my 5th bear and have improved with each one and have thoroughly enjoyed making them. What a thrill to have it turn out similar to quality in the book. Each one has their own personality. Thank you again.

-- Janet
- New Zealand